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Beauty Review: Eve Lom



Three years ago, I made the switch to the Eve Lom cleanser after reading in Vogue that it was the “best cleanser in the world”. I wasn’t disappointed.  As the years have gone by, I’ve added the rescue mask, morning time cleanser and most recently, the TLC facial cream to my skin regime. I cannot recommend these products enough.

1. Cleanser

Before using the Eve Lom cleanser, I had good skin, with hardly any breakouts, but didn’t feel like my skin ‘glowed’. After just a few days of using the Eve Lom Cleanser, I definitely saw and felt and difference in my skin. Suddenly it felt like I had more colour to it and I didn’t feel like my skin looked dull at all. The whole process of using the cleanser is like having a mini facial everyday! Used in conjunction with a muslin cloth (which comes with the cleanser), the process of using this product is heavenly.

2. Morning Time Cleanser

The next product in the range I bought was the morning time cleanser. The original cleanser can be used at anytime of day but recommended in the evening as it works as a makeup remover as well. The morning time cleanser is great as it gives your skin an extra ‘boost’ in the morning and cleans your skin before putting on your day moisturiser.

3. Rescue Mask

The rescue mask is recommended to be used once a week after you cleanse. It is aimed to refresh and replenish your skin. When I use this mask, I always feel like my skin is super clear and luminescent! It feels extra good after I put on my TLC cream!

4. TLC Cream

My latest purchase has been the TLC cream and it’s the best facial cream I have ever used. My skin looks instantly glowing and feels so so soft to touch! It may be pricy ($110 for 50 ml) however, I can honestly say that this is the moisturiser that I will probably use for the rest of my life. I’m that in love with it!

All of these products, plus the whole range of Eve Lom products, can be purchased locally through Mecca Cosmetica as well as through the Eve Lom website directly. Mecca Cosmetica as always happy to give out samples so head into your local store today and grab some of the above products! You won’t be disappointed 🙂

What’s your regular cleanser and would you consider changing?

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