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How To Tell Your Skin Type

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Knowing how to tell your skin type is the most important tool to have when picking your skincare products. Most women wouldn’t be able to tell you their skin type, which can be a problem as it may lead us to pick the wrong products and possibly damage our skin. To see what skin type you are, answer the following questions. The category with the most ‘yes’ responses is your skin type!


 Do you feel you must put on moisturiser after cleansing otherwise your skin  feels tight and uncomfortable?

Does your skin feels sore and patchy in cold weather but also aggravated in heating?

 Does your skin look dull and flaky and also dry to touch?

 Does your skin feel dry when you first wake up if you haven’t put on a night cream the night before?


 Is your face prone to a lot of shine?

 Are you prone to blackheads and spots?

 Do you hesitate to put on moisturiser after cleansing because you feel your skin is too oily as it is?


 Does your skin flare up easily with the use of new beauty products and skincare?

 Do you feel your skin can be a combination of dry, oily, combination and dehydrated?

 Is your skin  prone to redness and itchiness which gets worse if  touched?

 Do you burn fast in the sun?


 Is your skin neither oily nor dry?

 Do you rarely get blackheads or spots?

 Does your skin feel smooth and soft most of the time?


 Does your skin tend to be a mixture of oily and dry? Do you tend to have an oily T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) but normal to dry cheeks?

 Does your makeup usually becomes patchy throughout the day?

 Do you find it hard to find a moisturiser that attends to both oily and dry skin and leaves you feeling comfortable?


 Is your skin prone to dullness?

 Does your skin respond well to being splashed with water and immediately after a shower?

 Does your skin respond well to humid weather conditions and time spent in steam rooms?

 Are your lips are constantly dry?

Does your makeup sometimes peel and flake around the nose and eyes?

It’s important to be aware that sometimes you may not be one type strictly and can fluctuate between 2-3 types. For example, my skin type tends to be normal most days, but in cold weather, it gets dehydrated. Most beauty products work on my skin with no adverse reaction but my skin does get spots when I’m having a high sugar diet. It’s all about knowing YOUR skin and what works for it, through good times and bad times.

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