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  • Trade, 47 Commercial St London
    London Guide

    London Guide: Trade

    In continuing my exploration of brunch places London has to offer, I was recently led to an awesome one in East London called Trade. There were plenty of egg choices, which…

  • DSCF4276 EDIT
    London Guide

    London Guide: Urban Food Festival

    I don’t think there is anything better than sharing a meal with a close friend or loved one, especially if it’s an outing to one of London’s amazing food markets! The…

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    London Guide

    An Australian Breakfast In London

    No one does a fresh, healthy breakfast like us Australians. I had a GREAT breakfast this past weekend at Brickwood in Clapham, which is run by Australians. The eggs were super…

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    London Guide

    London Guide: Camden Markets

    You know a food stall is amazing when it makes you want to eat when you’re not even hungry! The Camden Markets food stalls are amazing! So mouth watering, there is…

  • _MG_1711 EDIT
    London Guide

    London Guide: Green Park

    The boyfriend and I had the rare weekday off work yesterday, and London was very welcoming and produced a sunny day with pristine blue skies! So we decided to spend the…

  • _MG_0928 EDIT
    London Guide

    London Guide: L’eto

    Nothing beats Sunday brunch. It’s one of those Aussie traditions that I refuse to let go off here in London! And luckily, there are plenty of breakfast cafe’s here to accommodate.…

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    London Guide

    London Guide: Greenwich Market

    I’m excited to introduce a new category to Her Couture Life entitled “London Guide”! Since my move to London a few weeks ago, I’ve been exploring the city and getting to…