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  • Minimalist Hues
    Minimalist Style

    Minimalist Hues

    Minimalist Hues While most may think that only wearing black, grey, white and denim limit your clothing possibilities, I can only think of all the possibilities they create. The colour scheme…

  • The Boyfriend Jeans
    Minimalist Style

    The Boyfriend Jeans

    The Boyfriend Jeans Probably my most worn item in my wardrobe right now, the boyfriend jeans are just the most perfect item to take us into spring. With the weather in…

  • 2018-02-17 Anea HCL-190
    Minimalist Style

    The Waterproof Jacket

    The Waterproof Jacket Seems like we hardly need them here in Perth, but there are definitely the occasional morning where slipping a waterproof jacket underneath our coats is a necessity so…

  • 2018-04-13 Anea HCL compressed-15
    Minimalist Style

    The Oversized Jumper

    That oversized jumper feeling It’s the moment you put it over your head and feel that overwhelming feeling of comfort. You’re probably about to head out, but now all your feel…