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  • Minimalist Summer Dress
    Minimalist Style

    The Minimalist Summer Dress

    The Minimalist Summer Dress A must-have item, the minimalist summer dress is perfect for the warm summer months. It can go between day and night depending on certain accessories, making it…

  • Why Linen Is Best
    Minimalist Style

    Why Linen Is Best

        Why Linen Is Best It’s getting hot here in Perth. I’m not complaining though, I’ve just come from an epic morning swimming and hanging out by the beach; it…

  • A T-Shirt and Jeans Day
    Minimalist Style

    A T-Shirt and Jeans Day

    A t-shirt & jeans kind of day We all know those days right? The t-shirt and jeans day? You’re either running out the house in a rush, or simply can’t be…

  • The Flared Jean
    Minimalist Style

    The Cropped Flared Jean

    The Cropped Flared Jean With denim being a firm favourite in the wardrobe of a minimalist, there are some definite style rules when deciding to chuck on the cropped flared jean.…

  • Perfect White Blouse
    Minimalist Style

    The Perfect White Blouse

    The Perfect White Blouse Whether it be a white blouse, shirt or t-shirt, a white top is a classic item in the wardrobe of a style minimalist. Something in cotton or…

  • Minimalist Hues
    Minimalist Style

    Minimalist Hues

    Minimalist Hues While most may think that only wearing black, grey, white and denim limit your clothing possibilities, I can only think of all the possibilities they create. The colour scheme…