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Parisian Style – 6 Items Every Parisian Woman Has

Parisian Chic Shop

Parisian Chic Shop

Witchery shirt, The Row blazer, Alexander McQueen scarf, Repetto ballet flats, Topshop “leigh” jeans, Banana Republic bag

Paris is the city of lights, love and most importantly… fashion! Parisians have the art of dressing well down pat. It may seem hard, but mastering Parisian chic can be achieved by all. The 6 items that every Parisian woman has in their wardrobe are:


In every colour and cut that the Parisian feels suits her, it’s there in her wardrobe.

Cross-body bag

It’s your home when leaving your actual home. It’s simply stunning from the outside and is able to house all your valuables on the inside. Leather is preferable, so it can last the distance.

Ballet flats

Comfort and elegance all in one. Repetto is your brand for ballet flats. Buy a pair and you will see and feel why.

Little black blazer

The blazer will smarten up any look! Try and get one in soft materials so you can role up the sleeves for an ultra chic look. Apart from having one in black, navy is also a great choice.

Silk scarf

The silk scarf’s function is two-fold. To add a splash of colour to your outfit, and also to tie over your head when it rains! :D

White shirt 

The most iconic item ever. Just get one already. :p


Do you have any other Parisian style tips? Please comment below :)

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