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The Best Crossbody Bags This Season

The Best Cross Body Bags This Season

When I buy a bag, I consider it an investment. Which is why I like to buy better quality bags that I know will last for years, potentially even as long as to hand them down to another generation (boy do I sound old… must be that birthday coming up).

There is a reason why designer bags cost as much as they do – it’s because of the craftsmanship and quality of materials that go into making it. Each of the bags above are expensive, that is clear. But if you buy one in a design that is classic and minimalist, and as such will match with anything, then you are making an investment. Think of cost-per-wear.

Cost of bag ÷ number of times bag is worn = price per wear

For example, when I bought my Mulberry Bayswater Tote a few years back, it cost $900. I wore that bag pretty much every day for two years (before it was tragically stolen).

$900 ÷ 730 (days) = $1.23 per day

That figure would have just got lower and lower the amount of times I wore it.

So next time you decide to buy that cheap chain shop bag that you will potentially add to your collection of other bags that you hardly wear, think of cost-per-wear. It’s better to pay more for a bag you will wear infinitely more, than pay for a bag you’ll only get a few wears out of.

Shop the look below!

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