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How I Began My Minimalist Wardrobe



I’ve had a minimalist wardrobe for the last two years now. How that story began however, is quite unique. But first, I need to backtrack a little…

I’ve always lived a life of… excess! I loved (and still do) clothes, shoes, accessories, you name it! When I made the move to Berlin almost two and a half years ago, I had 50 kilograms worth of luggage with me and several more boxes that were sent to me after I arrived… and whittling it down to only 50 kilograms was a struggle! It’s not that I bought anything or everything, I was brought up to think about the quality of a garment and would only buy something if I could see it lasting the distance. However, soon all these items started adding up… and I truly was living up to the saying that you only wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time.

When I moved to London six months later, something rather unfortunate (or fortunate, depends how you look at it) happened. A delivery service (that shall remain nameless) ‘lost’ the baggage that I had sent from Berlin to London. I pretty much lost everything, and the only belongings I had were what I had in my carry-on case at the time.

Believe me, I cried. I cried my eyes out. But something quite brilliant then happened. I only bought the essentials that I needed. Items that could be matched with each other quite easily. I obviously still wanted to buy quality, so I also had to buy these garments quite sparingly. London is London after all, and the cost of living here is exceptionally high!

What I created was a small, but functional, wardrobe, and I’ve never looked back since. Why? Simply because of what I’ve been able to achieve in my life since.

I realised I was equally as happy when I was spending $200 a week on clothes, accessories etc as I was when I was now spending next to nothing. If fact, I was more happier now than before, because I now had that $200 spare to do some truly amazing things. I could spend more quality time with friends, on experiences and most importantly, on travelling, and having the most incredible adventures through travel.

Having less means spending less money. It requires less time and energy to maintain. It brings a sense of freedom, and most importantly calmness in an already hectic world… and it allows you to pursue your true passions.

On the eve of my return to Australia, I’ve realised I’ve accumulated a little more than is necessary. As I go through and edit all my possessions, I can’t help but think of all the experiences that I have now because of my new minimalist lifestyle. I’m never going to be perfect at it, but the sheer fact that I try makes all the difference.


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