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The Best Brands For Building Your Minimalist Wardrobe

Finding The Perfect White Shirt

Finding The Perfect White Shirt

When it comes to purchasing items for your minimalist sized wardrobe, you want to be buying the best that you can afford, so that you don’t need to keep re-purchasing items on a regular basis.

Here is my guide of the best brands for building your minimalist wardrobe. These are the brands that I have been using for years and I have an least one item from each brand, if not more!

1. Cotton T-shirts – Cotton t-shirts/shirts are perfect for summer to keep cool, and are also fantastic in winter as a layering piece. Zara produce good quality cotton tops at amazing prices every season. They usually come in a variety of colours/designs so I always stock up when I see them.

2. Cashmere Sweaters – I always thought that a cashmere sweater was out of my price range, that was until I discovered UNIQLO one cold winters day in Melbourne! They make cashmere sweaters at affordable prices without cutting corners on the quality of the garment. J Crew is also another amazing brand that does quality cashmere sweaters. A bit pricier than UNIQLO, J-Crew tend to have more of a design range.

3. Denim – I am always looking for jeans that have a length option as well within their designs. All Topshop jeans come with a 30 or 32 inch leg, as well as a 28 inch in the petite range for shorty’s like me! Which means no longer do I have to take my jeans to the tailor to take them up whenever I get a new pair! Plus, Topshop jeans are predominately cotton. Doesn’t get much better than that!

4. Leather – No one does a leather jacket better than All Saints. The price may make you stumble a little, however once you have chosen your perfect leather jacket, you’ll have that item for the rest of your life. The quality of their products is amazing. Cost per wear is all that counts!

5. Summer Dresses – With summer here, there’s nothing better than chucking on a summer dress and some sandals and going on your way. My favourite brands for such a dress are Anthropologie, Whistles and Jigsaw. They always have such gorgeous designs that will suit all style types.

6. Leather Bags – The bags I’ve bought from these brands I’ve had for years. Banana Republic and Fossil are the most affordable, and release classic designs every season. If you’re looking for a designer brand, you can’t go past Mulberry. This iconic brand is a go-to for all Brits.

7. Work wear – There’s no use just chucking anything on when going to work, you do spend most of your time in your work clothes so you might as well buy some good quality items that make you feel at your best as well. Zara has been my go-to for years, as well as UNIQLO. For something a little more up market, try Reiss.

8. Blazers – For those of you that have been following the blog for awhile, you will know about my love affair with blazers. The first blazer I feel in love with was bought at Zara a squillion years ago, and since then I have added to the collection with blazers from CUE and Whistles. But ultimately, it’s Zara that also produces quality blazers season after season.

9. Trench Coats – the original designer of the trench coat, it doesn’t get much better that Burberry. Designed to last for years and years, a Burberry trench coat is an investment. You will wear it season after season. And you will pass it onto your daughter and her daughter after that. A Burberry trench coat is timeless.

10. Swim Wear – Perhaps it’s my Australian-ism coming out, but everyone needs at least one good quality bikini or swimsuit in their wardrobe. Zimmermann are pretty fabulous, as well as Australian brand Seafolly.

11. Shoes – I like my shoes to be pretty as well as comfortable, is that too much to ask? I am all for leather shoes as they tend to last the distance much much better than there pleather alternative. The best brands for me are definitely Wittner, Reiss and Tony Bianco.

Have you got any fabulous brands that you we should check out for certain items? Please comment below!


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