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Decluttering Your Wardrobe

Declutter your Wardrobe

Declutter your Wardrobe

De-cluttering: The Four-Pile Process

The start of a new year is great for many reasons. One of these is the decluttering of your wardrobe! This can be an exciting prospect for some or can be completely terrifying for others! I’m somewhere in the middle. With my move to Europe fast approaching, its come that time where I need to sort through my wardrobe and decided on what’s going with me and what’s not. For you, the reason you might be doing this is just to have a fresh start to the year! Enter the four-pile process!

1. Keep
This is what I’ll be packing in boxes to ship over to Germany. The clothes in this pile must look amazing, fit really well and be in great condition. They must be items you wear all the time and fit your lifestyle and your personal style.

2. Archive
These are clothes that you no longer wear but have sentimental value or you are keeping for your future children. Try to keep this pile small. I’ll be storing my archived pile with my parents.

3. Edit
These are the clothes that no longer fit, aren’t flattering to your figure, are worn out or the wrong size. There’s nothing worst then wearing clothes that are past their date for the above reasons. We’ll talk about what to do with these items a little later!

4. Dry-cleaning, Laundry, Alterations
These are the clothes that are going into the keep pile but need a little tender-loving-care first! Make sure that zips are workable, seems are not undone and most importantly, that all clothes are clean!!!

In order to complete this process, you have to be brutally honest with how these clothes look on you. Try all the clothes on and look at yourself in a floor length mirror. If you’re still having trouble, set yourself a reward; for every 5 pieces of clothing you throw out, go and buy yourself something absolutely fabulous that fits your perfectly NOW!

What to do with your edit pile?

There a few options for this, and some could even make you a little money!

Garage Sale, Backyard Sale
Make sure to do some simple things to make your clothes look good such as putting the clothes on hangers and hang them on a hanging rail, have plastic bags for sold items, have a money box filled with plenty of change and make sure everything is neat and tidy and has clear price labels.

Anything can be sold on ebay. For your more expensive items, I would recommend selling them via this channel. Make sure your item is photographed from many different angles and showing as much detail as possible. A written description is also very helpful.

Charity stores
If you can afford to do this then give your edit pile to charity. It is absolutely the easiest way to get rid of your edit pile and it supports the community.

Have you got any tips about decluttering your wardrobe? Please comment below ☺

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