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Minimalism as a style, and minimalism as a lifestyle, can sometimes be construed to be completely different things, however this is not the case. Where minimalism as a lifestyle means removing the non-essential elements from your life, in a hope to be richer for it, minimalism as a style is pretty much the same bag – you remove what is non-essential detail from your outfits, and focus on shapes and functionality, as well as a toned-down colour palette.

If you’ve been reading this blog you will know that it covers both of these definitions of minimalism. We have posts that are dedicated in creating the ultimate minimalist styled outfits, and posts that are dedicated to helping you create a minimalist sized wardrobe, or in other words, a capsule sized wardrobe. Still confused? Here is the concept broken down further.

Minimalism as a style

Minimalism as a style refers to the way clothes look aesthetically. Clothes that are minimalist in style usually stick to a white, black and grey colour palette, are very simple in design and focus more on shapes. Designers such as Jil Sander and Calvin Klein are known for their minimalist-looking clothing ranges.

Minimalism as a wardrobe choice

Having a minimalist wardrobe can also be referred to as having a capsule sized wardrobe. It means that every item in your wardrobe has a purpose, and that your wardrobe only has as many items as you need to feel functional. The basis premise is that it’s a capsule sized wardrobe.

If you’re interested in how to create minimalist looking outfits, check out my eBook for sale – How To Create the Ultimate Minimalist Look, or visit our ‘Minimalist Style‘ section of the blog.

For blog posts about how to create a minimalist sized wardrobe, feel free to visit our ‘Minimalist Wardrobe‘ section of the blog.

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    Chidalu Nwoke
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    Beautiful detailing. People ask me a lot of questions regarding minimalism, I think I will begin to answer all that now. You’ve inspired me.

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