Minimalist Wardrobe

Step Four Towards Creating A Minimalist Wardrobe

Creating A Minimalist Wardrobe

Creating A Minimalist Wardrobe

Welcome to step four in a series towards creating a minimalist wardrobe! By now, you should have read steps one, two and three on creating your new minimalist wardrobe philosophy.

Step four is where we take to the shops/online to purchase the new pieces for our minimalist wardrobes.

This can seem like the fun part for some, but can also be equally terrifying for many! Step four towards creating a minimalist wardrobe is going to be all about how to shop consciously.

1. Make a shopping list

It can be very easy to get distracted while out shopping. Shopping for items may seem to some like a fun task, but the reality can be quiet a stressful one if not done right. Always have a goal when going for your shopping expedition. Remember that list you made in step two? Make sure to take that out shopping with you!

2. Take the experience slowly

You might not be able to buy everything on your list in one shopping trip, and that’s okay! If you limit your search to one item per trip, the stress is definitely off and you won’t make any rushed decisions! Let’s say that the item you’ll be searching for today is a leather jacket. Make sure you wear an outfit that you think would compliment the leather jacket. It will help in your final decision making!

3. It’s in the details

In step three, you had to research the details that each garment should/shouldn’t have to flatter you. Don’t forget this when out shopping for your dedicated item. This includes the sleeve length, colour, neckline and overall style. These can make or break a garment. Make sure that research is done before you go out shopping so you know what to be looking out for.

4. Don’t be fooled by the lighting

The lighting is always truly terrible in a changing room… don’t pay attention to it. If you think the item is for you, but are stumped by some small details in the fit, check the refund policy on the item and take that sucker home and try it on! You usually find that your reservations disappear. If not, you can simply take it back and get a refund on it. NEVER get store credit, it rarely works out!

You’re almost at the point of completing your minimalist wardrobe! Stay tuned for step five coming soon.



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