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 Asos duffle coat, Zara jeans, Witchery boots, Ben Sherman scarf

This was a little impromptu photo shoot… the boyfriend and I were taking a walk and found this beautiful area by the water and thought it was too good to pass up. I was wearing 5 layers in these shots….. no kidding! The weather here in Dubrovnik is none that I’ve ever experienced before at this time of year. It was 7 degrees… way too cold for a girl from Western Australia!

This duffle coat has been my go-to item since arriving in Europe. It combats the cold nicely as it’s fairly roomy and so it can fit it over the top of a thick jumper (or two ;p) ! I’ve paired the jacket with black boots. Combining navy and black together is one of my favourite looks. You wouldn’t think it, but they work so well together.

What’s your favourite type of coat?

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