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How To Buy A Leather Jacket

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A leather jacket is a wardrobe essential. It has the ability to change the look of your outfit completely. Wear it with shorts, dresses, jeans, skirts, practically anything!

By researching how to buy a leather jacket, you will be saving heaps of time in the long run. That’s why I have put together this guide, so that you are able to find your perfect leather jacket in no time at all, and be stress-free in the process! Here are my tips on how to buy a leather jacket:

Expect to pay at least $200 +

This is likely to be one of your biggest wardrobe investments. Good leather jackets don’t come with a bargain price tag, so expect to pay $200 + for one.

Go for a neutral colour

Your going to be paying a lot of money for this item, so this is definitely a time to play it safe in terms of colour choice. Black is a safe bet as it will go with anything. Pick either gold or silver hardware depending on your skin tone.

A fitted style is best

Your leather jacket should fit your body perfectly. It’s important that the jacket is snug but also comfortable as well, they are not coats, so you don’t need the extra room. The sleeves should end just above your wrists and there shouldn’t be any extra material at the bottom, as anything over-sized looks awkward.

Stylistic elements are key

In terms of stylistic choices, you want lapels on your jacket, with studs keeping them in place. A belt at the bottom of the jacket is optional. It gives the jacket a tougher look, which can suit some people but others not.

Don’t rush to purchase

The process will take a little time. Don’t buy the first jacket you see! I’ve made this mistake. I bought the jacket on a whim as it was on sale and I had always wanted one, but never done the research. I couldn’t figure out why it didn’t look amazing… then I realized it didn’t have proper lapels… and wasn’t an amazing fit for me. With a bit of research, I definitely got it right on the second try 🙂

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