How To Wear A Cape

How To Wear A Cape

How To Wear A Cape

How To Wear A Cape

How To Wear A Cape

How To Wear A Cape

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 I’ve had this camel coloured cape in my wardrobe for a few years now and every winter I bring it out and completely fall in love with it all over again! The cape is definitely one of my favourite styles of coat, however there are a few rules when it comes to how to wear a cape…

1. Streamline the rest of your outfit

Since the cape will billow, keep the rest of your outfit closely fitted to the body. Skinny jeans matched with a tight sweater works well.

2. Buy a cape in a good material

Because your cape will have gaps in the side, you want your cape to be of a good quality of material so you are still kept relatively warm through winter. Capes that are 100% wool or cashmere are best.

3. Size is key

Do not buy a cape that looks like it has swallowed you whole, it is definitely not one size fits all! Make sure that the cape is proportionate to your height and fits well.

Do you own a cape? What’s your favourite way of wearing it?


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