How To Wear A Parka

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It’s now got to the type of weather in London where a big coat will adorn every single outfit. It is cold, and I mean cold! This parka has been on my wish list for the last couple of months, and since I was visiting Norway a couple of weekends ago (which is even colder than London), it seemed the perfect time to buy it.

Parka’s are a casual item piece, in my opinion, only to be worn during the day and perhaps on a very casual evening out during the week. As such, the parka can be styled simply with jeans, a sweater and boots.

Here are some tips on buying and styling your parka:

1. Buy a parka with a removable lining.

So that you can wear it in winter as well as summer!

2. Buy a size up

This is so you can layer underneath. Very important in cold weather.

3. Buy a parka that has a adjustable waist

This will add shape to your parka, especially when wearing lots of layers underneath.

4. Style with an all black outfit

For an ultra chic look, wear black jeans, a black sweater and black boots with a dark green parka over the top. Fab!

How do you style your parka? What’s your advice on how to wear a parka?


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