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How To Wear A Playsuit







Playsuits have never been particularly high on my to-wear-list but after finding the perfect playsuit lately, I’ve changed my mind! If done well, the playsuit can offer comfort and stylishness all in one! They are also completely easy as you don’t have to bother with separates, they can be leg lengthening by having a high waistband or by adding a belt around the waist and they can be also be completely chic for the evening. There are, however, some styles of playsuit that are more flattering than others. ┬áHere are three playsuit styles that fall into that comfort and stylish category;

1. A playsuit that looks like a dress

The loose cut on the legs is the most flattering for the thighs and so if you feel this may be a problem spot for you, then go for this style. This style may restrict you to the day unless you pick a lovely fabric that will be appropriate for the evening.

2. A tailored playsuit

This can be a less forgiving style however this style of playsuit is perfect for the evening as its a more structured look. V necks in this style are especially flattering for those with big boobs.

3. A loose and flowing style playsuit

Super short, super tight playsuits that look like a swimsuit are best avoided. Fabrics that skim but don’t cling are perfect for those “new” to the playsuit world. Try to stay away from patterns and instead choose sophisticated colours that won’t age.

I’ve gone for a tailored playsuit and since my boobs are slightly on the large side, the lapels and slight v neck are perfect for me. Black is great as it can be played down for during the day and up for night.

What;s your favourite style of playsuit?

Photos by Zoe Chaudeurge

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