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5 Must-See Places In London On A Budget



So myself and the boyfriend have arrived in Europe! We’ve started our adventures in London. What a city! So many beautiful parks and museums as well as restaurants and bars. It can be super hard to stick to your intended budget here as everything is a tad bit expensive than home…. so I’ve put together this post to help. You can visit all these places for under 50 pounds!

1. Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens

Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens (which are two parks joined together), are situated in South Kensington. Kensington has some of the best museums, shops and restaurants and the same can be said about its parks! On the west side lies Kensington Palace where current royal family members, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge live. The park has plenty of ducks, birds and their are even walking trails for horses! Entry is completely free.





2. Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is one of the most notable religious buildings in the UK and is the traditional site for coronations, funerals and weddings of British Monarchs. The abbey was founded in 960 AD (oh boy) and daily worship continues to this day.

This abbey is amazing to look at, from both the outside and inside. You can feel the 1000 year history just looking at it. Most kings and queens pre-1760 are buried here.

Entry is 20 pounds for adults and 17 pounds for students who are visiting the abbey however, daily services are free and all are welcome to attend.


3. The Natural History Museum

Filled with plenty of exhibitions to keep you interested, this was my favourite museum to visit in London. Entry is free, however, the museum asks you make a donation as thats how they keep their doors open! The building itself is absolutely beautiful and was built between 1840-1860 in the same spot as the old Westminster Palace, which burnt down in 1834. You can spend hours in here, and I did just that!




4. Hampton Court

The home of ¬†Henry VIII, who is famous for having had 6 wives in his lifetime (1st-divorced, 2nd-beheaded, 3rd-died, 4th-divorced, 5th-beheaded, 6th-outlived), this palace is a must see for history and royal fanatics! (Ahem). As well as visiting inside the palace, the gardens as a must see as well, especially the maze, which was founded in 1700 by William III and is the UK’s longest surviving hedge maze! It was loads of fun to run through ūüôā

Entry at the palace gates is 19.60 pounds for adults and 16 pounds for students however, if you book online before hand, it is only 17.50 pounds for adults and 14.50 pounds for students so plan ahead if possible!

Hampton Court


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5. Ice Bar

Recommended to me by my hairdresser back in Perth, this bar is absolutely, completely made of ice! Re-designed every 6 months, the ice comes from Jukkasjärvi in Northern Sweden. Prices start at 13 pounds (weeknight) and you get a 40 min session in the bar, a spirit cocktail and a thermal cape and gloves. Extra drinks can be purchased for 6.50 pounds after your initial complimentary drink! 


Have you been to London? What is your favourite place to visit?

All pictures my own except for the Ice Bar picture by lewishamdreamer. No changes were made. 

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