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Anea Duratovic

  • A Beginners Guide To Fabric
    Minimalist Wardrobe

    A Beginners Guide To Fabric

     A Guide To Fabric 101 One of the most important elements when choosing to live with a minimalist, or capsule, sized wardrobe, is the quality of the garment. Since you’re choosing…

  • How To Dress Monochromatic
    Minimalist Style

    How To Dress Monochromatic

    Nothing accentuates minimalism more than learning how to dress monochromatic, or in other words dressing all in one colour. However, what may seem like a super easy outfit to construct, can…

  • Bare Shoulders
    Minimalist Style Top Post

    Bare Shoulders

     The off-the-shoulder top is definitely one that every minimalist should have in her arsenal. This look has been making its way into wardrobes for the last few seasons, simply because of…