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The Silk Top

The Silk Top

The Silk Top

The Silk Top

I was having a conversation recently with one of my best friends about the benefits of buying clothes that are made of natural fibers. We were talking about the longevity of our 100% wool coats, about how we’d had them for years and they don’t pill or look worn out.

Natural fiber clothes (wool, silk, cashmere just to name a few) are beneficial in just so many ways, the least being the amount of wear you’ll get out of them.

Silk is one of my favourite natural fibers! Long sleeved silk tops, skirts, dresses are my jam! This silk top is my go-to when I go out for casual dinners with the gals, or to wear when I’m doing my jazz singer thing.

Of course there are some items that I just LOVE and are not 100% made of natural fibers, and that’s okay! I try to have an 80/20 rule when it comes to my wardrobe; 80% natural fiber clothes and 20% synthetic.

Wearing: Zara jeans, silk top

Photography by Tom Greble

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