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Why Natural Fibers Rock (And Synthetic Fibers Suck)

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 There are many things to consider when buying a new clothing item: fit, cost, size and appearance are the main four, but how many of you consider the fiber when purchasing that new item? There are two types of fibers – natural fibers and synthetic fibers. Natural fibers come from nature and include cotton, wool, linen, silk and cashmere. Synthetic fibers are man-made and basically cover everything else like polyester, acrylic, nylon and rayon.

This has all been very factual so far, however the reason I am harping on about this is because if you want your clothes to last for longer (and I’m talking years here, not just a couple of months), you need to be paying attention to that all important little white tag in the inside of your clothing, and making sure your clothes have predominantly natural fibers.

Here are some reasons why natural fibers rock!

1. Natural fibers ‘breathe’ which means the fabric will keep you comfortable in hot weather by absorbing perspiration and releasing it into the air.

2. Natural fibers are insulators, which means they will also keep you warm in cold weather

3.  Natural fibers are lightweight and so easy to layer with

4.  Natural fibers are great for sensitive skin as you are less likely to get allergies or rashes if you wear them

5.  Natural fibers are incredibly strong and durable and so will last the distance

Here are some reasons why synthetic fibers suck!

1. Synthetic fibers are made using complex chemical processes and treatments and so are not eco-friendly

2. Synthetic fibers do not ‘breathe’ and so will cause you your sweat to ‘lock in’ and as such, cause stains

3. Those stains will be very hard to remove

4. Synthetic fibers have a shine to them which makes clothing unattractive

5. Synthetic fibers will irritate the skin, especially for those with sensitive skin

What’s your opinion? Are natural fibers your thing or are synthetic?


Anea Duratovic is a Western Australian blogger from Perth. She believes in minimalist and sustainable fashion choices, that puppies make everything better, and that food and travel are the only things worth living for.

  • alice


    Amazing pics, I love this post!

    Alice Cerea,

    April 7, 2016
  • Oh I feel the same about synthetic fibres! i recently did a post on the benefits of wool!

    Loving the pop of red in this outfit doll!

    I’ve recently done a collaboration post with Australian jewellery designer Samantha Wills and her new eyewear collection that I would love to hear your feedback for! Let me know your thoughts hun!

    Sending you kisses from Sydney.


    April 11, 2016