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    Diner en Blanc Perth 2019

    Diner en Blanc 2019

      Diner en Blanc Perth 2019 A few months ago I attended an event in Perth called Diner en Blanc; you had to wear a completely white outfit, meet at a mustering point of your choosing, and head off to a secret location only known to your group leader. We ended up just outside Optus Stadium, and whilst setting up our (all white) tables for dinner, watched the sun set over our beautiful Perth skyline! I love the vibe you…

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  • 2018-06-12 Anea HCL-189
    Minimalist Style

    That Double Breasted Blazer

      Double Breasted Blazer As we head into winter, there’s nothing I like more than wearing my double breasted blazer with a pair of jeans; it’s become my signature winter uniform.…

  • 2018-07-10 Anea HCL-231
    Minimalist Style

    What To Wear This Autumn

    What to wear this autumn! It was a crisp 12 degrees Celsius yesterday morning as I left the house… autumn has officially hit Perth! There’s always that moment where you know…

  • Minimalist Night Outfit
    Minimalist Style

    Minimalist At Night

    Minimalism at Night With summer drawing to an end, it’s the last chance for me to wear some of my favourite summer classics! I’ve enjoyed getting some last mileage from my…

  • The White Shirt
    Minimalist Style

    The White Shirt

    The White Shirt A classic in the wardrobe of, well, everyone; the white shirt is a must-have item. Whether worn during working hours or on the weekend, it gives a touch…

  • Minimalist Summer Dress
    Minimalist Style

    The Minimalist Summer Dress

    The Minimalist Summer Dress A must-have item, the minimalist summer dress is perfect for the warm summer months. It can go between day and night depending on certain accessories, making it…

  • Why Linen Is Best
    Minimalist Style

    Why Linen Is Best

        Why Linen Is Best It’s getting hot here in Perth. I’m not complaining though, I’ve just come from an epic morning swimming and hanging out by the beach; it…