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    A Sophisticated Date Night Outfit

    Comfort. It’s something I use to underestimate when putting together an outfit; however these days it seems to always be on the forefront of my mind when I’m constructing my outfits, especially when constructing a date night outfit. Date nights are one of those times when you want to feel comfortable but also sexy as well, and there’s nothing worse than eating dinner with your date in front of you and wondering whether or not your top is see-through in…

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  • Keeping Summer Alive
    Minimalist Shopping

    Keeping Summer Alive

    It’s holding on (summer that is). Case in point; its 32 degrees today and winter officially starts in less than 2 months time. The evenings can be cool, but they can…

  • The Boyfriend Blazer
    Minimalist Style

    The Boyfriend Blazer

    Winter is coming… or at least it’s gently letting us know it’s on its way! The cool change has had me thinking about autumn/winter wear and how I can adapt my…

  • The Knit Dress
    Minimalist Shopping

    The Knit Dress

    I love wearing dresses! If you’re just like me but not sure how to adapt them for winter then I’m here to clue you in; it’s all about the knit dress.…

  • The Ruffle Pencil Skirt
    Minimalist Style

    The Ruffle Pencil Skirt

      ┬áSomething I’m finding more and more as I delve into the world of minimalist style is it’s about that one subtle detail. An outfit needs to have just one small…

  • Blazer Style
    Minimalist Shopping

    Blazer Style

    The cool change finally hit Perth last week, and this past weekend was the first that I had to wear a jacket out in the evening. What did I turn to…