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    Minimalism for the Office

    Exercising minimalism for the office definitely makes it easier to get dressed in the morning. It’s no secret that I love a great office outfit so going to my day job means I get to exercise this love quite regularly! My favourite item of the moment are a pair of black culottes. They are completely versatile. I can practically wear them with any top for the office, and I wear this particular pair of culottes paired with crop tops for…

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  • The Shapeless Dress
    Minimalist Style

    The Shapeless Dress

    The words ‘shapeless dress’ don’t really sound very appealing to the average gal. I totally get it. Why would you want something that could very easily look frumpy on you? The…

  • Just A Little More Summer!
    Minimalist Shopping

    Just A Little More Summer!

    One more month of summer (officially) left and I’m already mourning it! The idea of transcending slowly into winter scares me… I guess it is an excuse to bring out my…

  • The Summer Jumpsuit
    Minimalist Shopping

    The Summer Jumpsuit

    I love a summer jumpsuit… elegant and sophisticated, in the right cut for you, it will make you feel like a dream! Purchasing one in a neutral colour, such as black…

  • Thw Wrap Top
    Minimalist Style

    Why I Love A Wrap Top

     Here are 3 reasons why I love a wrap top 1. It’s versatile You can wear it with culottes, jeans, skirts… just about everything! 2. It’s flattering on everyone It hugs…