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My Minimalist Wardrobe

I’ve had a lot of questions of late about the size of my minimalist wardrobe.

I want to start off by saying that there is no magic number of clothing items that constitutes a minimalist wardrobe. Instead, the number reflects YOUR lifestyle; basically what you do on a day to day basis.

I have three aspects to my current life. Firstly, I need items for my vocation as a teacher. Secondly, items for my singing career, and thirdly, clothes for my casual life. Fortunately, there is some crossover between all three.

It’s also important to note that you will most likely have a wardrobe split up into 2 seasons; summer and winter. My current wardrobe is a summer one, and consists of 20 items:

1x black silk slip dress

1x white summer dress

1x white t-shirt

1x striped t-shirt

2x wide-legged trousers (1x black, 1x navy)

3x midi/pencil skirts

2x white shirts

2x black crop tops

1x black skinny jean

1x casual denim jeans

2x formal dresses

2x summer sandals

1x high heel

The formal dresses are usually only for nights where I’m singing, however they can also be used at any formal events on the weekend. The shirts, midi-skirts and trousers are mainly used when teaching , but with some cross over for the weekend, whereas my jeans, t-shirts and crop tops are strictly used on weeknights/weekends.

 Have you got a minimalist wardrobe? How many items does it consist of?


Anea Duratovic is a Western Australian blogger from Perth. She believes in minimalist and sustainable fashion choices, that puppies make everything better, and that food and travel are the only things worth living for.