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My Minimalist Journey

Update: My Minimalist Journey

My Minimalist Journey

My Minimalist Journey.

Sometimes it’s important to remember that life is a journey; this is definitely the case when it comes to leading a minimalist life. Lately, I’ve been more conscious of my minimalist lifestyle, and making sure I’m keeping on top of my possessions. This has been especially relevant as I’ve just bought my first house, and am currently furnishing it!

As well as keeping to a minimalist style aesthetically, I also want to make sure that I’m not buying anything I don’t need. I’ve had to think about my values and priorities, and have been conscious to only buy items that I know I will truly use. This has particularly been hard when purchasing kitchen utensils.

The question is; do I truly go full-on minimalist and just have my one plate, fork, spoon and knife? Whilst this might work for some, I know that I love entertaining too much to live that minimally. It’s through this conscious cultivating of objects that I’ve been able to truly start acknowledging values and priorities that I wasn’t able to accommodate whilst living in shared accommodation.

So basically what I’m trying to say is this; your minimalist lifestyle will change constantly as you grow, move and live; that is totally okay.

P.S Watch this space for updates on my new found epiphanies in regards to owning my first home. Should be a hoot.


Anea Duratovic is a Western Australian blogger from Perth. She believes in minimalist and sustainable fashion choices, that puppies make everything better, and that food and travel are the only things worth living for.