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How To Choose Your 10 Items For The Style Challenge

2017-12-27 Anea HCL-87

For those of you not aware, I’m running my 10 by 10 Minimalist Style Challenge starting on February 12th! As part of the challenge, you need to create 10 outfits over 10 days during a two week period. To sign up for the challenge, you can go here or sign up via the sign up link at the bottom of this page 🙂

But what 10 items should you choose?!? That’s the ultimate question.

Firstly, what part of the day will you be dressing for? Will you be focusing on your work wardrobe? Or perhaps your casual afternoon wardrobe attire? Whatever it is, make sure you items directly correlate to your lifestyle. Otherwise this is going to be very hard indeed.

Next, you need to think about the weather. For us here in the southern hemisphere, it’s the middle of summer and so perhaps a jacket isn’t something we are going to need as one of our 10 items. However those over in the norther hemisphere and suffering in a cold cold winter, perhaps you’re going to need a few more warmer layers in your 10 items.

Try and use the following formula when curating your 10 items:

  • 1x dress
  • 2x pairs of shoes (day and night pair)
  • 4x tops
  • 2x pants or skirts
  • 1x outer layer

Also, remember that the following items are NOT included in the 10 items:

  • scarves
  • hats
  • bags
  • jewellery
  • tights
  • thermals
  • layering tops

So what are you waiting for? Head over to your wardrobe now and get started!


P.S. Haven’t signed up to our 10 by 10 Minimalist Style Challenge? Not to worry, you can do so here 🙂

Anea Duratovic is a Western Australian blogger from Perth. She believes in minimalist and sustainable fashion choices, that puppies make everything better, and that food and travel are the only things worth living for.

  • Ooh, this actually sounds like quite a bit of fun!
    I’m actually keen to give this a go! Xx

    Kez |

    January 12, 2018