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  • The Litte White Dress
    Minimalist Style

    The Little White Dress

    If there is ever a time to wear a little white dress, then summer time is definitely it! Plus, it’s basically THE dress every minimalist has to have in their wardrobe,…

  • How To Dress Monochromatic
    Minimalist Style

    How To Dress Monochromatic

    Nothing accentuates minimalism more than learning how to dress monochromatic, or in other words dressing all in one colour. However, what may seem like a super easy outfit to construct, can…

  • Bare Shoulders
    Minimalist Style

    Bare Shoulders

    ┬áThe off-the-shoulder top is definitely one that every minimalist should have in her arsenal. This look has been making its way into wardrobes for the last few seasons, simply because of…

  • How To Wear Double Denim
    Minimalist Style

    How To Wear Double Denim

    Learning how to wear double denim can sometimes be a little tricky as there are some definite rules when it comes to blue on blue! Here are my tips for wearing…