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Good Fit Vs Bad Fit

Good Fit Vs Bad Fit

Good Fit Vs Bad Fit

Good fit vs bad fit. Sometimes it can be hard to tell what looks good and what looks bad on us. We put on a garment and perhaps we’re 70% happy with it, but there’s just something that’s not quite right and we can’t put our finger on it. Sometimes all it takes is a little adjusting to make it your dream piece of clothing. But how can we figure out what needs tweaking?

Here are some practical pointers to help you identify what needs to change, and whether or not it’s worth it! Because life is way too short for uncomfortable clothes!

1. Material should never dig into the skin and be uncomfortable. Try on a different size. Sometimes all it takes is a size up or down from what you normally wear

2. The garment should hang on your body just like the designer wanted it too, and should allow you to move freely. If you feel constricted, where is this and can the material be let out.

3. Straps should stay in place and not fall of the shoulder. Can they be adjusted if they are doing this?

4. Are your pants sitting at the right length? Sometimes all it takes is some quick hemming to fix this, and if they fit everywhere else then most of the time taking them to the tailor to hem is worth it.

5. Does your garment pass the movement check? Can you sit, walk and move your arms freely in it? If you can’t sit or it’s constricting your walking, that’s a harder thing to fix, so best to put it back on the rack, or size up.

6. Does your skirt or dress fit around the waist properly? It’s easy to add darts to fix this if the garment fits well everywhere else.

7. Is your skirt too long? Getting it hemmed is an easy job for the tailor.

8. Do you jackets and coats fit well?  Having a well fitting jacket or coat usually comes down to two main things; it buttons up without gaping and it sits well on the shoulder. If it’s too tight, you need to size up. Too loose, size down.

Do you have any tips to offer? Please comment below!


Anea Duratovic is a Western Australian blogger from Perth. She believes in minimalist and sustainable fashion choices, that puppies make everything better, and that food and travel are the only things worth living for.