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Postcards from Lisbon & Aveiro


1. A small side street in Lisbon
2. The beautiful tiled walls that lined all the buildings in Lisbon
3. The bright and sun-filled streets in the small town of Aveiro
4. Our delicious lunch in Aveiro
5. A bright and sunny day walking the streets in Lisbon
6. A view of Lisbon from one of its highest points
7. Roaming the streets of Aveiro
8. The golden light hitting the flowers
9. The canals of Aveiro, known as the ‘Venice’ of Portugal
10. The streets of Aveiro
11. A view of  Sao Jorge Castle in Lisbon

After an amazing trip in Porto, we were back in our little mini car and on our way to Lisbon! We had a local in Porto basically plan the rest of our trip for us and thank gosh he did, otherwise we wouldn’t have come across Aveiro!

Known as the ‘Venice’ of Portugal, this town sits along a canal and has some of the most beautiful little streets I have ever seen! Add to that an amazing lunch at a cute cafe and you have yourself a little mini retreat! There’s nothing better for me then walking around small towns and soaking in the atmosphere… it’s one of the best things, for me, about traveling and discovering new places.

After spending a few short, but blissful, hours roaming around Aveiro, we hopped back in the car and continued our journey to Lisbon. I didn’t manage to take as many pictures as I wanted while there, but I hope the above gives you a small peek into our time there.

Be sure to take a walking tour with Lisbon Chill-Out Tour’s. They are completely independent and aim to give you a tour that provides a truly unique view of Lisbon through the eyes of a local. It was the best walking tour I’ve been on in Europe.

Have you been to Lisbon? What was your favourite part?


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