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A Quick Decision (To Go To Portugal)

Santiago de Compostela




Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de CompostelaCudillera

1 РThe streets of Santiago de Compostela 2 РCudillero 4 РAmazing seafood restaurant in Cudillero 5 РSantiago de Compostela 6 РLookout before arriving in Cudillero 7 РSantiago de Compostela 8 РCudillero

“Beccy…. it’s just so cold here! We came for sun, what are we going to do???”

“How about Portugal?”

“…Yeah, alright”

And that’s how one of my oldest friends and I decided to leave Northern Spain after only just getting off the plane three hours before. We flew into Oviedo under the pretext that it was going to be warm… like over 30 degrees kind of warm, only to be shocked to find it was foggy and hovering somewhere around the 20 degrees mark.

I mean, I had just left a 28 degree London so I was more then a little peeved. It was that and the raw chicken I managed to ingest in the hotel restaurant that cemented the decision (yep… you read right).

So the next day we hoped into our little rental car and 6 hours later (after A LOT of John Mayer and various unhealthy snacks) we arrived in Portugal. Of course, along the way we stopped into some gorgeous Spanish towns.

And that starts the story of one of the best adventures of my life.

Stay tuned for more of the saga, coming soon.


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