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Burberry trench coat

Designer Focus: Burberry

Burberry trench coat

The Sandringham, The Kensington, The Sandringham – Black, The Kensington – Pink, Mid-length Khaki,  The Balmoral, The Balmoral – Pack away Hood, Grey Leather & Wool Trench, Black Cotton Blend Trench

Burberry – the creator of the famous trench coat. What is there to say about this iconic brand? It was founded by Thomas Burberry in 1856 and since 2011, has been under direction the Christopher Bailey.

You probably already know the name Burberry because of their famous trench coats. Thomas Burberry created the trench coat in the late 1800’s when he invented a water-resistant  fabric that was comfortable as well. The success of this fabric was unprecedented and so, the British Army commissioned Burberry to create trench coats for its solders in World War I. And the rest is history.

I bought my own Burberry trench coat 5 years ago and it’s been one of my best investments. You can see my post about it here. Because of the quality of this product, I have not had to keep buying a new trench coat every year like so many other people. It’s a classic and timeless piece of clothing, which is what this blog is all about – investing in clothing items that will last!

So what Burberry trench coat suits you? Perhaps the Kensington? Or is it the Westminster? Perhaps the Sandringham?


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