Minimalist Wardrobe

Why It’s Important To Build A Wardrobe That Fits Your Life (And How To Do It)

A Quick Guide To Creating Your Signature Style

A Quick Guide To Creating Your Signature Style

Clothes are fun to buy and wear, but there’s no point buying items that don’t fit into your lifestyle. So as well as buying items that make you feel amazing, you need to make sure they are also practical as well! Why buy a lot of cocktail dresses if you don’t go to¬† events regularly?

I get it, it’s easy to see how we end up with lots of different clothing items that don’t fit into our lifestyles, it’s just fun to shop, I well and truly get the appeal! So I’ve come up with a list of steps to help you on your journey to only buying what you need, and thus totally encompassing having a minimalist wardrobe!

Here’s how to build a wardrobe that fits your life!

Step 1

Observe yourself for a week and write down all the activities you do. This includes all events, including just lounging around at home! Figure out how many times you do each activity during the week. For example, I wear casual office clothes 5 times a week, dinners out I tend to do 3 times a week etc

Step 2

Where can you wear the same type of outfits? Perhaps your day job outfits can also be worn as weekend outfits with a bit of tweaking? Bunch up as many outfits as possible and make a list.

Step 3

Now figure out the percentages you wear these outfits during the week. For example, I wear casual office outfits, which could also be worn on the weekend, 60% of the week. I wear cocktail dresses 10% of the week etc

Step 4

Figure out what percentage of outfits you have in your current wardrobe! For example, I only have 40% of casual office outfits, where it now seems I need 60%, as well as 30% cocktail outfits when I only need cocktail outfits 10% of the week.

Step 5

Now it’s time to adapt your wardrobe to the correct percentage amounts (this is all very mathematical isn’t it!). Do you need more casual outfits to fit into your lifestyle? Perhaps it’s time to do some thoughtful shopping and fill the gaps in your wardrobe to accommodate this. Maybe you have an excess of garments that you have figured out you no longer need/wear. Perhaps sell these items to buy items you do need, or donate them to charity.

Step 6

Enjoy having a functional wardrobe where you use every single item! It will free up so much of your time!


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